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(5)Rev. Cleophus Robinson


(2)U.S. of Archie (5)Wonder Window (11)Christopher Close‐Up




(11)Davey and Goliath




(2)Bailey's Comets (4)Modern Farmer (5)Yogi Bear (7)The Answer (9)The Christophers (11)Villa Alegre


(2)Patchwork Family (4)Library Lions (5)Wonderama (7)Faith for Today (9)Davey and Goliath (11)Oral Roberts Presents (13)Sesame Street


(4)Maryknoll World (7)The Human Dimension (9)Day of Discovery (11)Popeye


(4)TV Sunday School


(2)Channel 2 the People (7)Christopher Closeup Writer William Manchester, guest (9)Oral Roberts (11)Big Blue Marble (13)Sesame Street


(4)Jewish Scene


(11)Greatest Headlines


(2)The Way to Go (4)Here and Now (7)Accent On (9)Percy Sutton (11)Addams Family


(2)Lamp Unto My Feet (4)Sunday: John Schle‐singer, Sammy Cahn (7)Davey and Goliath (9)The Sunday Mass (11)I Dream of Jeannie (13)MIster Rogers


(2)Look Up and Live (7)Korg: 70.000 B.C. (9)Point of View (11)Father Knows Best (13)Carrascolendas


(2)CAMERA THREE:“Zen and I, Self‐Portrait of the Great Turtle Priest” (3)The Flintstones (7)Goober and the GhostChasers (9)Rex Humbard (11) Troop (13)Zoom


(2)FACE THE NATION:Secretary of the Treasury William E. Simon (4)Research Project “Multiple Sclerosis” (7)Make a Wish (11) MOVIE: “Flightfrom Destiny” (1941). Geraldine Fitzgerald, Jeffrey Lynn, Thomas Mitchell. Different, interesting drama (13)Yoga for Health

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Produce Associate salaries - 2 salaries reported$8/0
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Produce Associate salaries - 2 salaries reported$8/4

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xxx, This consists of firing fifteen shots in a minute.

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